Pastoralism in South Asia

Pastoralism is the one of the oldest occupation in the world. For centuries herders in different parts of South Asia have lived in a harmonious relationship with their livestock, rangelands and other communities. In today’s times pastoralism is one of the few ‘ways of life’ that is socially, environmentally, economically sustainable.
South Asia is a spectacular landscape of diverse pastoralist communities in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan and SriLanka inhabiting the multitude of ecosystems ranging from the alpine pastures in the Himalayan mountain ranges to the hot and arid desert plains.
South Asia Pastoralist Alliance (SAPA) was formed in 2015 to support and promote the pastoralist way of life in South Asia. SAPA aims to advocate for pro-pastoralist policies on  land, livestock, food, environment and trade.

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